Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Floyd Horony

We will miss Floyd. He passed away from cancer recently, and kept his gentle, cheerful character until the end. I heard that he passed away in a coma.
What I know is that Floyd never married and didn't have much of a family around. He has been a part of Calvary Chapel Vista for many years though, and was like a grandpa for many people. The kids all loved Floyd because he had either balloons or candy for them when he was around, and the kids weren't shy to always ask him for something.
I have many memories of Floyd. One of the oldest memories was from about 13 years ago when Calvary Vista had a cafe, and he would take groups of people there after service. He would call out to a whole crowd of people standing around after church, asking with an excited voice, if it was going to be white or dark hot chocolate that night.
When I moved onto the mission field 10 years ago, I remember that he gave me the fabled "missionary handshake" which means he shook my hand and secretly passed me a 20 or 50 $ bill. Every time I visited, Floyd gave me that fabled handshake, and it was really a blessing-of course to get some money, but that he always remembered me.
As the years go by while someone is away from "home," people write less and less letters and emails. Floyd was one of few who would send cards with Bible verses and handwritten messages to encourage me. He always included some cash, then wrote that I should NOT write back.
I remember those times that I went to tell him goodbye before I left for Hungary, and he would get tears in his eyes.
He was a genuinely kind man who had a huge amount of love for all and made all of us feel special.
When we visited home this last time in January, I was shocked to see Floyd so thin and bent over-obviously sick. He didn't want to oblige his news at first, but then told me that he was an old man and had cancer.
I know he has received his rewards now in heaven, but I want to write and share how special I thought he was.
His passing on is another reason I look forward to also going "home" to my eternal home where my mom and dad and a few friends await.


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