Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its Official

Bajnai Gordon is the new prime minister of Hungary.

He has a pretty hard job ahead of him. He has told Hungarians that they should prepare for things to get difficult for a little while, as he takes drastic measures to fix problems, and that in the end it will be better for the country.

By the way - that's exactly what Gyurcsány Ferenc said a few years ago, when it came out that he had been lying to everyone about the financial state of the country...

I'm already not a big fan of Bajnai, because he is taking away state support for families buying houses from June 1st. So, we'll see if things work out for us to get into something in the next month, before they cut the funds.

Time will tell if Gordon bácsi can turn things around.
I personally hope he does, but I think that no matter what happens, he will be very unpopular because of his cutbacks. But alas, it would be really hard to be less popular that Gyurcsány Ferenc - the man who was so unpopular that it made George Bush seem like a teen pop idol in comparison.

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