Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last week I drove over 3000 km (2000 mi).

Here's how it went:

After church, took Pastor Ken Lang from Eger to Millstatt, Austria, to the Calvary Chapel conference center there, where he was teaching at a conference for Croatian Calvary Chapel churches. I dropped Rosemary and Nate off in Vajta on the way.
Eger - Vajta - Millstatt
Total: 785 km

Left Millstatt around 11am, and arrived in Budapest just in time to pick up Pastor Pete Nelson from the airport. We found a great Indian restaurant in Budapest, and then headed to Eger, where we spent the night.
Millstatt - Budapest - Eger
Total: 787 km

Left Eger in the morning for Ukraine. At the border we ended up waiting 2 hrs, because our car is in Rosemary's name, and the permission we used in Hungary was not valid in Ukraine, because they require it to be notarized. The Hungarian authorities afterward told us that they had known this - but they didn't tell us! If they would have told us, then we would have saved 2 hrs! So, we parked the car, walked across, and took a taxi to Mukachevo. We got a ride back to the border from the Reformed pastor of Mukachevo, and then headed back to Eger.
On the way to Eger we had a blow out on the highway, going about 130km/hr. Here's how big of a hole was in the tire:

The tire blew out right outside of Eger, so we were able to get a guy from our church to drive Pete to Vajta, since he had to teach the next morning. I went with him, and came back that night, so I could get the car fixed.
Eger - Mukachevo - Eger, Eger - Vajta - Eger
Total: 1039 km

I got home at 5am, woke up at 9am, and went to the tire store to buy a new tire and a new wheel. I actually wanted to buy 2 tires, but the guy at the store refused to sell me 2... I think he was trying to be nice, but it was kind of funny that he didn't want to take my money :). Bought the stuff, and drove to Vajta.
Eger - Vajta
Total: 255 km

Pleasantly uneventful.
Vajta - Eger
Total: 255 km

Grand total: 3125 km.

That's roughly the same distance as between Eger and Sevilla, Spain or Denver and Montreal.
I'm just glad to be out of the car.

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