Saturday, June 13, 2009

Something I don't understand

This picture was up on fail blog the other day:
fail owned pwned pictures
Not to mention 12 yr old girls, I seriously just don't understand why anyone would think sporting the Playboy bunny is cool.

First of all, I don't get guys who use the Playboy symbol in any way (t-shirt, air-freshener, bumper sticker, etc...). What are they trying to communicate? That they like to look at porn? Who exactly are they trying to impress by doing that? Other dudes? "Hey bro, I like to look at porn, just to let you know..."
Or are they trying to impress girls? Did they not get the information, that girls aren't impressed by the fact that they look at porn? FYI - that's not a cool thing. Girls don't find that hot, they find it lame.

One thing I see a lot in Hungary especially, that I have a hard time understanding, is ladies sporting the bunny. I even seen young, pre-teen girls with Playboy t-shirts on, or with Playboy folders for school, etc...
It would not be too surprising to see a cake like the one in the picture above at a birthday party in Hungary! I was just at the mall today and saw a woman who must have been in her 50's wearing a Playboy bunny shirt.
I'm just curious - what exactly are these ladies hoping to communicate with this? Is it a message to guys who like Playboy or porn in general, that they are available? "Hey, if you like porn, then you'll like me! And I'll like you too!"

Maybe I'm daft, but I just don't get it. As far as I'm concerned, sporting a Playboy bunny is a fail every time.


  1. Szerintem sokan azért hordják, mert nincsenek pontosan tisztában azzal, hogy mit jelent... Pl. van ez a Hello Kitty márka, azt is szerintem a két macska miatt hordják sokan, nem a márkahűség vagy a minőség, vagy ilyesmi miatt... Ez meg csak egy nyúl és kész...
    Egyébként klassz ez a blog! Magyarul ilyen a Tékozló homár.

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Congrats on you first funny blog! i better watch my back or you will become funnier than i am.
    It's true about the bunny thing with young girls. I have a 15 year old girl student and she wears the bunny necklace and has other paraphernalia as well. She has shown me the bunny with pride on several occasions.

  3. Thanks for the comment Anonymous - whoever you are. If I knew who you were I could check out your supposedly funny blog, but since I can't tell who you are, I am just going to have to assume that my blog is funnier than yours! :)

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I didn't say that i have a funnier blog - just that i am funnier. i hope to find funny blogs from you in the future.

  5. Congratulations on being funnier. I hope that I won't dissapoint you in blog posts to come.

  6. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Hey, if anonymous was funnier, he/she would be proud to indicate their name. My vote goes to Nick's sense of humor as funnier.

    Back to the subject; those displaying the Playboy bunny are providing a public service announcement that they are without respect for women or themselves.

    Good job Nick for stating your opinion.


  7. Ariel9:36 PM

    Thats very true. Im glad you said that point. I think more people in general need to look at how the world views them, in the sense that they think deeper then what people think is "cool". Good Job

  8. Good call Ariel. Some people are willing to sell themselves - sometimes even their souls - on the altar of "cool".