Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family Fun in Szeged

Rosemary and I have been wanting to take a short trip somewhere before the new baby comes in January, just to get out of town and do something fun.
We were originally planning to go to England for a few days...until we looked into how much it would cost!
So, we decided to get in the car and drive to Serbia, and visit friends in Szeged and Subotica, with the intention of getting to Novi Sad to take pictures and walk around.
We are in Subotica right now, and got blessed to be able to stay at a friend's apartment - where there happens to be free wifi in the building :)

This afternoon we stopped in Szeged on our way, and visited with Kyle and Odi Eckhart, and got to see their 2 month old baby Zara. It was a real blessing. Afterward, we hit up an Indian restaurant before heading to Subo.

We did get to spend a bit of time downtown in Szeged while it was light out, and took some pictures:

The Little Prince on his throne -

Dom in a puddle -

Family photo -

Nate's favorite free-time activity: Terrorizing pigeons -


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  1. Wow, beautiful pictures. Looks like Nate knows how to have a good time. I'm glad that you and Rosemary took some time for yourselves. Love, Mom