Thursday, November 26, 2009


Tomorrow we will move to our new flat here in Eger.
Moving makes me wish I didn't have so much stuff...but on the other hand I hate to throw things away - it's a vicious cycle :)

When I moved to Hungary, all I brought with me was a backpack and a laptop. The backpack was filled with my gigantic Bible and about 2 sets of clothes.
Since then I've acquired a lot more stuff...

Someone told me recently that for kids, moving house can be a traumatic thing, because where they live is part of their identity.
I never imagined that moving from our current flat where we've lived for the past 4 years would be that hard, since it's not our own, and we just rent it. But tonight as we were packing, I started to get sad about leaving this place, because although this flat is just a bunch of walls and doors - it has been a part of our lives.

When we first moved here, there were only 2 of us , and since it is a 2-bedroom flat, people from the church were surprised that we got such a big place - so much so that 2 girls asked if we would let them rent our extra room! Obviously, that wasn't an option we were interested in.

We held the church's Wednesday night Bible studies here for a year and a half, until Rosemary got pregnant. We've had so many good times here, and have so many good memories.

This is the place we brought Nate to when we brought him home from the hospital, and this is the only home he's ever known. I hope the move won't be too hard on him.

Now there are 4 of us, and one more on the way. The flat has gotten too small, and we have to move on.
I never expected to be this sad about leaving an apartment, and I know that God has good things in store for us in the new place and that the best is yet to come.
As a Christian, this world is not my home. We are "strangers and exiles on the earth"; we are just passing through. We're here for a time, with a purpose, on our way to and looking for "a city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God".


  1. Azt olvastam, hogy a kicsi gyerekeknek igazából semmiféle változás, költözés, vagy pl. óvodaváltás nem trauma, könnyen beilleszkednek mindenféle új helyzetbe, akkor, ha a biztos pontok az életében a helyükön vannak. (Szülők...)

  2. well, we/i have moved about every other/third year ever since i was born....and i grew up and i am well,not (too) psycho,so i guess you all are safe ;) have fun with the new place!

  3. Gyorgyi4:19 PM

    Blessings and hope you guys will enjoy your new place :)

  4. I totaly feel on the same way....moving sucks forever...or changing flat....

  5. Thanks to all for the kind wishes!

    @Dani: Yea, moving sucks - but I have to say this: Now that we are here, it is better! Nate loves it here, and so do we. Now that we did it, I don't regret it at all. I hope you have the same feelings about your move Dani!