Monday, November 02, 2009

English Grocery in Eger

Last week as Rosemary was walking in town, she saw an flier in the mud advertising an English import grocery store in Eger. The next day we drove by to see if it was for real, and were very excited at the prospect of getting English products in Eger.
One of our favorite things about traveling to different places is going to a local grocery store and seeing what kinds of unique stuff they have there. I've written about some of our favorite stuff here and here.
So, this morning we went out and check out what they have. Here's a short list:
  • English Tea - Tetley's and PG Tips
  • Real English Cadbury products - not the Polish Cadbury that Hungarian Tesco sells
  • McVities brand stuff - like Rosemary's favorite Digestives
  • Lots of canned soup - probably not going to go over well in Hungary...
  • Crisps/Chips - English brands (Walkers) and English flavors > We bought a bag of Prawn (garnéla rák) flavored chips/crisps! Not bad actually.
  • Malt Balls! (like Whoppers in the USA) - Nate tasted one, and wasn't sure what to think...but we like them :)
  • English sauces, ginger cake, candies, cereals, Strongbow beer, etc...
Since the shop just opened, they are still figuring out what things to import. We made a few suggestions of stuff we would buy if it were available:
The owner is a very friendly English guy from Liverpool. He said that this shop in Eger is the only English import grocery in Hungary, and he plans to send shipments from Eger to Budapest for Brits living there.
The prices are a bit high, since everything is imported, but I hope the business will be successful and stay around for a while.
Here's their business card. If you're in Eger, stop in and support them.

What British products do you think they should carry? What would sell? What would you buy?


  1. Yorkshire pudding,
    salt and vinegar crisps,
    MILK :)
    HObbnobb biscuits

    A lot of stuff, I like going to the local store and see what they have. I'm gonna let you know more stuff later...
    so excited to see that store at Xmas!
    What can I bring to you? some caramel digestives or Rosemary prefer dark chocolate digestives?
    Praise God for that shop :)

  2. fish and chips... :)

  3. Fish and Chips is not a bad idea... but I think that would make him a restaurant, and for that you need different engedély...

    Judit - They do have salt and vinegar crisps and Hobbnobb biscuits. I've never had Yorkshire pudding. What is it?

  4. Oh, Judit - they do have caramel digestives and dark chocolate digestives at this shop too.
    Thanks for the offer. I will ask Rosemary what she would like.

  5. Ilyen útmenti-jellegű hosszúpultos kerekasztalos és fakkos falatozó kellene Egerbe, ahol lehet kapni kávét, fánkot, fishn'chips-et... Mint amilyen a Ponyvaregényben van... Na, majd én nyitok ilyet Ladányban, úgyis a 47-es főút megy át rajta. :)

  6. Az amúgy nem rossz ötlet. Nekem is sok üzleti ötletem lenne - de végül nem azé vok itt, és amúgy is van dolgom...:)
    De, nyitott vok arra, hogy majd valamikor én is bevágnék egy üzletbe.

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