Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sleeping Habits

Nate is good at going to sleep by himself. We leave him in his room and tell him to go to sleep, and after playing for a while, he falls asleep.
The only thing is that we usually have to go in once he's asleep and move him, since he often falls asleep in strange positions.

Here are some examples:

Don't worry about this one, he's fine. He just decided to fall asleep on the floor for a few nights. Then he was over it.

This is how we used to find him a lot when he was still in a crib:
Sleeping habits

At least he's a good sleeper :)


  1. Ha! At least he isn't sleeping upside down or something like that. Too cute!

  2. Nate is such a busy little guy; he doesn't seem to want to waste his time sleeping. He has autos and trains to play with, so why turn off the lights to go to sleep. Mom