Thursday, December 03, 2009

Our New Flat

We moved this past Saturday. Friday night I was very nostalgic about our old place when I wrote the previous blog post, and was feeling pretty nostalgic again today as I went there for the last time and said goodbye to the landlord.
But after having moved to our new place, and getting a bit settled in - we have no regrets.

We were concerned about how Nate would take the change, and he was upset when he walked out to the living room Saturday morning and nothing was in its place, but as soon as people from the church showed up to help, he got excited and really enjoyed the whole time. He really loves our new place, and loves his room.

Here are some pictures - not the best, but more will be coming later, once we get things in order:

The view from our office/guest room (facing East)

On a clear day, it has a great view of the Eged hegy - Eger's local "mountain".

Office/guest room

Living room 1

Living room 2

Kitchen/Dining room 1

Kitchen/Dining room 2


Here's the layout: Downstairs is a kitchen/dining room and a large balcony, Upstairs there is a living room, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, which means that Balázs not only has his own room, but his own bathroom too.
Our bedroom has a balcony :) - which makes up for the wallpaper, which has Roman women bathing on it...

We're still in the process of settling in and making it our own, but we're already feeling at home here, and we're thankful to the Lord for leading us to this place.


  1. it might not be the best idea to put up pictures of everything you have with your address. nice place though:)

  2. i agree! i still don't see pictures of my room!

  3. Lidia4:29 PM

    ...and which room is mine?... :) i agree with Lu, although i was one of the many demanding photos...feel free to send me more to my personal e-mail address :) or maybe i will just come and visit

  4. Lidia4:30 PM

    this is a very interesting wallpaper indeed :)

  5. the office is the guest room too. we want to get a pull out couch for it for guests who come