Friday, April 09, 2010

Itt az Idő, Válasszátok

Amint tudjátok, vasárnap lesz a parlamenti választás. Nem szeretek politizálni és úgy sem szavazhatok Magyarországon, de szerintem fontos dolog részt venni a demokráciában úgy, hogy az ember elmenjen szavazni.
Ez a választó polgár egy példakép mindannyiunknak, hogy miért szavazzunk:

This Sunday will be the parliamentary election here in Hungary. I don't like to argue politics, and I can't vote in Hungary, but I think it's a good thing to take part in the democratic process by going out to vote.
This voting citizen is an example for us all as to why we should vote.


  1. Is it possible translate to English? :)

  2. Anonymous3:16 AM

    :DDDD This is hilarious!

  3. I translated it for Sulekha last night. It's pretty hard to translate though, since he isn't really saying anything...

  4. In English it says:
    Why did you find it important.
    I found it important, because ehm, because at least it should be important for anyone, it should be important for them, too. Eem, something, eem, for the live, they should do something.

    How did you research? How did you decide how you actively help with the campaign?
    Actively? Eem, it was because, eem, I did the half of it. And that eem, and that the country votes for something, eem yeah, the country votes for something. We should be glad that eem...

    How important was the topic regarding voting with your friends nowadays or with your family?
    Eem, what could I tell you, eem this voting was importa.. eem, or it was not important, because I honestly tell you that eem, what could I tell you, this voting was not that important, because eem, this time, eem, what could I tell you, eem, one party, the other, eeeem, I would like to this: there should be something.

    But how much did you talk about that with your friends, before you came to vote, how would it be good?
    I didn't eem so, talk with me friends, but I spoke with them so that everyone votes what party he wants for. And I voted for this party, I tell you honestly, I don't tell you because as you see it isn't official because as you see I can't, because there is a campaign going on, so that eem... I really don't know either.

    How come that the people don't take responsibility even after 16 years after the system changed, for who they vote?
    Eem, I think they are afraid of it, because, see, me too... I think that they are afraid who eem they vote for. I think they afraid of who they vote for. I think they are afraid of, em, oooh, em, they are afraid of em what they take responsibility for, this or they take responsibility for that, but I don't know this time, so that I can't really tell you anything this time...

  5. Wow Joel! Good job and thanks for the hard work.

  6. You're welcome! I did a lot of mistakes though, because I pressed the "Post Comment" button too soon.