Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kids These Days

  • Nate says a lot of funny things these days. Today I told him: That's Dani's house. Nate replied: That's a donkey horse?
  • We have been teaching Nate about God by watching the videos on this website. He understands them and loves watching them.
  • Felicia is now 3 months old, and she is doing very well. She is really fat and really happy.
  • She loves to try to sit up, and she loves to smile and "talk". She seems very personable, and loves it when people sit and look in her eyes and talk to her.
  • Felicia has started reaching for things and grabbing toys.
  • We are taking her back to the neurology department at the hospital in Budapest on Monday for a check up. We continue to do her physical therapy and are curious what the doctors will have to say about her condition. Please continue to pray for her!
  • Balázs is finishing up his first year of secondary school.
  • He plays the tuba and is quite good. He won 1st place in the county competition for his age group. Good job dude!


  1. That's awesome! Dani told me about what Nate said. That kid is too cool! Say hi for me.

  2. Pumpkin good! Praise God!