Thursday, August 05, 2010


A few weeks ago I got a new phone, a Motorola CLIQ, which I bought used from a family member in the US.

The CLIQ uses the Android operating system, the main competitor to the iPhone - and it seems that Android has actually surpassed iPhone in sales in the smart phone market.

I've never had an iPhone, but I do have an iPod touch, and have some experience using the iOS operating system which also runs on both devices. There are some things which I like must better about Android, and there are others ways in which I think the iOS is better.

One of the main things that makes the iPhone better I think is that it functions as an iPod. Android also has a media player, which is also very good - but it is not as easy to navigate and use as the iPod in the iPhone.
There are also some apps for the iPhone/iPod touch which I really miss on the Android, such as the ESV Bible app, Tweetdeck (coming for Android, but still in development), and especially Amazon Kindle reader.
To me, the iOS seems a bit more fluid and responsive, but there isn't a huge difference.

On the other hand, there are some things I prefer about Android, particularly how it syncs so well with everything on my Google account - particularly that it uses the Google Calendar and GTasks.
Another thing I really love is the universal inbox, where I can view both my email accounts, text messages, facebook and twitter messages all in one place, and respond to them all without having to open separate applications.
The CLIQ has a virtual keyboard, similar to the iPhone's, and I actually prefer the Android's spell check to the iPhone's. The CLIQ also has a full keyboard, something I didn't think I would use or like, but which I now actually prefer to the virtual keyboard.

All in all, I really like Android, and don't feel any need or desire to switch from it to the iPhone - although I really do wish I could read Kindle books on it!

Anyone else out there using Android? What do you think of it?
Is there a way to read Kindle books on it? Will it ever be possible?


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

  2. Turns out there is a Kindle reader for Android, just that this particular phone can't use it yet, because it uses Android 1.5, and 1.6 is needed to use the Kindle reader. Hopefully the update for CLIQ will be released soon...

  3. Android uses open standards, and as it is an operating system developed by Google, Google has put much effort into integrating Google services into the operating system, and Motorola into integrating various social networks, because this is not standard for Android.
    If I would have to choose between Android, Windows Phone 7, and IOs, I would choose Android. But for people who don´t want to know how everything works, have enough money to buy the Phone, the Apps from the Appstore, and music and videos from ITunes, the IOs is perfect. Especially now, where Apple added the ability to multitask in the new IOs 4.

  4. Multitasking is really easy on my Android. It's one of the things I really like about it.