Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Night Jesus

One of the best times with Nate is when we get ready for him to go to bed.
Every night it's the same program: We read a book, and then we pray.
Nate really likes to pray - especially when we pray for people who are sick. He always prays that Jesus would take away their owies.
He was cute tonight after our prayers - here's how it went:

Me: (praying...) Amen!

Nate: Goodbye Jesus!

Me: We don't say goodbye to Jesus, because he never leaves us. He is always here because he loves us.


Nate: Good night Jesus!

Nate (whispering to me): Jesus is going to sleep!

Me: Jesus is always awake to help you.

Nate (whispering to me): 7 times!

Me: Huh? What?

Nate: 7 times! Then shout! Then the walls fall down!

He's a clever little guy :)

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