Sunday, August 08, 2010

English Camp 2010

This year we held our 5th annual English Camp in Felsőtárkány, in the hills right outside of Eger.
100 kids attended the camp, which is the most we've ever had before, and God provided us with a great group of helpers from Hungary, the USA, Australia and India.

Our camp, and our church along with it, has gained quite a good reputation in Eger and the surrounding area. One of our goals in organizing the camp it to have a high standard and to do a quality camp - and the fruit of that has been that people in Eger have a good impression about it. This year, we were contacted by a local radio station, who interviewed me about the camp, and a reporter and photographer from the local newspaper came out to take pictures and interview a few people for an article about the camp.

Through the camp we are able to develop relationships with the campers, and we have always tried to follow up with them after camp is over, with varied success.
Last year, we started a youth group, with the hope that we could plug the kids into it after camp was over. There were kids from the camp who attended, but we wanted to do it a lot better this year.
We have had a lot more kids attending the youth group since camp. Dani (pictured on the right) is leading it and it now meets every week. Dani, as well as Scott and others in the church, have a real heart for the kids and have done a great job following up with them - organizing events and hanging out with them a lot outside of youth group as well.

Here's a picture from a church barbecue party we had that a lot of the campers came out to. This coming weekend there will be a canoe trip on the Tisza river.

Here is a video taken at a recent youth group meeting:

Thank you to those who prayed for the camp. It was a success, and a lot of fun.
Please continue to pray for the kids who attended and for our church as we seek to follow up with them.

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