Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anatomy and Huncutság

A conversation with Nate at breakfast this morning:
"Daddy, you're a farmer, and I'm a cow!"
"Oh, ok cow. Can you give me some milk? Do you have milk in your tummy?"
"No. Cows don't have milk in their tummies.
"No? Then where do they keep the milk?"
"Cows keep the milk in their butts!"
"Yea, cows keep the milk in pink butts that are under the cows."

I found it so funny I decided not to correct him :)

Felicia on the other hand is quite the "huncut" (HU for rascal)

She insists on sitting like this at the table when we eat:

She wants to sit on the table with her feet in her chair, and she insists on feeding herself.
Unlike Nate, when he was her age, Felicia is in a hurry to grow up and do everything her big brother does (by this I mean feeding herself and talking - Nate never sat on the table!).

Today Rosemary put Felicia's hair in pig tails for the first time.

The purpose was to get her hair off of her neck, because it has been so hot lately - but she looks very cute with them too :)

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