Wednesday, July 20, 2011

English Camp - Day 2

English Camp is up and running smoothly.

In a way, camp is what you make it - the environment and the opportunity are here; what we do with it and how we use the time is up to us. Please pray for wisdom and guidance in how we use the short time that we have here!

Yesterday I had to discipline some kids who were breaking rules, and since then I have realized that because I am the disciplinary figure at camp, the kids aren't too interested in being my friend :-) When I go up to them and ask them what they are doing, they automatically get defensive and nervous. But that is fine really, because there are 26 other helpers they can get to know and be friends with.

Lisa and Jason gave their testimonies today. The testimony times have been well attended and are a great way for us to share the Lord with the kids, as well as a good starting point from which to start conversations about spiritual things.

For me Wednesday always marks a turning point in the camp, where once we have established relationships, we can take them a bit deeper without it feeling forced or out of place. Please pray that we would be able to do this effectively.

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