Tuesday, July 19, 2011

English Camp - Day 1

The first day of camp is always the most tiring for me, and today was no exception. The great thing about how the camp has grown and evolved over the years is that God has given us great helpers, and I often find that if I step back and don't try to do everything myself, then other people step up and use their giftings, and do a great job.
Today was a good example of this. I love engaging the kids, but with the camp getting bigger, my role has now become more overseeing and behind the scenes. It has been great seeing others grow and "take the ball and run with it".
The helpers we have this year are great and have already started building relationships with the kids and are spending a lot of time with them. Last year we got the idea to have a coffeehouse for the kids, where they can buy soft drinks or hot chocolate and can hang out and listen to music at night before bed. The coffeehouse has been a big hit, and is a great place for us to engage the kids and get to know them. Please pray that these relationships grow and that as we share our lives with these kids, they would feel the love of Christ and we would be able to share the Gospel message with them.

Unfortunately one of our helpers, Phillip, a football coach from Miskolc, had to leave early today because of something to do with his job, so we have one less teacher, but it seems like we are going to be ok.
Geoff and Angela from Syracuse did a great job with the evening program "Minute to Win It". The kids were super into it, even though it was very hot in the big stone building were we have the evening programs.
The teenagers from Colorado have been really good at making friends with the campers. Please pray for them to have boldness and wisdom in sharing their faith with their Hungarian peers.
Please also pray for the testimony times to be powerful and well attended. Dani is taking a greater part in leading the camp with me this year, and is doing a lot of the speaking and announcing. Our hope is that the kids would get to know him and attend youth meetings after camp is over.

William Carrey said: "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God." We expect great things from God this week.

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