Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to Normal

Our summers are always one of the busiest times of the year for us, filled with outreaches, conferences, guests and traveling.

But today, as summer is coming to a close, life is getting back to normal.

Balázs came back home today from Summer of Service in Vajta. He had a great time and made good friends. He was telling me today about how they would pray together and encourage each other - that is exactly the kind of experience we had hoped he would have. He is home a week earlier than originally planned, but it is better this way, because he can get ready for the start of school at the beginning of September.

Nate went back to óvoda today. He seemed a bit nervous at first about going back, but was excited to play with the new toys. When I took him to the courtyard where the kids were playing, he at first just looked around and didn't want me to leave, but after a minute some kids called him over to play with them and he went off running around with them laughing and smiling.

After being away from home, Felicia was excited to sleep in her own bed again :-)


  1. I like the pictures of Balazs, Nate, and Felicia together. What was Nate and Felicia's reaction to Balazs returning home from Vajta?

  2. They love Balázs, and they were very happy he had come home.