Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Short Trip to Vajta

We went to Vajta last week for the last 2 days of the all-Hungary conference on Thursday and Friday.

Because we hadn't signed up for the conference on time, there weren't any places for us to stay at the conference center, so we stayed at the horse farm across the street.
The kids were really excited about the horses!

On Friday I taught a morning session at the conference and then in the afternoon got to baptize Dani, a guy from our church who came to the conference for the week.

Originally, Kristen, our friend from California who stayed with us for a few weeks, was going to attend the conference for the whole week, but instead decided to go for the last two days and use the money she saved to send Dani for the whole week. She was especially happy to see the impact the week in Vajta had on Dani, and that he decided to get baptized and publicly declare his commitment to Jesus.

Dani is a friend of Balázs, and it has been cool to see Balázs encourage his friend to walk with the Lord.

When we told Nate that Dani was going to get baptized, he was very excited that "little Dani" was going to get "bath-tized"!

After we did the baptism Nate came up to talk to me:
  • Nate: Dad, I want to get baptized too!
  • Me: Maybe you can get baptized in a few years. You can get baptized when you decide that you want to believe in Jesus forever.
  • Nate: Dad, I want to be Jesus from Eger!
I think we had a communication error, and that Nate probably doesn't understand what 'forever' means - but that is quite the ambition, none the less!

Balázs is working hard and having a great time in Vajta. On Friday night, after the final session, we packed up and headed home and said goodbye to Balázs until the end of the month.

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