Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eger - Wednesday Evening

After breakfast at the place I'm staying, I spent the day with Jani and Tünde. We planned out the order of service for the funeral and Tünde picked out pictures of Misi for the slideshow which will be shown at the reception after the funeral, which will be at the Kálvin Ház.

After that we went and picked up Julcsi from óvoda, and then went to ZF to eat at their cafeteria. There is a lady who works there who is from the Baptist church in Egerszólát where we used to do our baptisms and who came to Golgota many times when I was pastor. She remembered me and we talked and she gave us free dessert.

We went back to the Hernádi flat and I played with Julcsi while Jani and Tünde sat down to wrote the email announcement for the funeral, which was very hard for them to do, and I could tell they were glad that Julcsi and I were playing together so they could have a moment together to grieve.

Around this time, Ákos called, asking if we wanted to go with him up to Bélapátfalva to look at the place they were considering for the gyülekezeti hétvége spring retreat. We all went up, but by this time, the jetway which I thought I had escaped by sleeping well caught up with me and I passed out hard in the car. I was so exhausted that I felt sick. But it was beautiful up in Bélapátfalva, and the hotel they are going to rent out is awesome, better than any of the locations we ever had for these retreats when I was here.

The Hernádi's with Bélkő hegy behind them:

When we got back to Eger we went to church, where Ákos taught. It was really good for me to see, as I looked around the room, that people I baptized and ministered to are standing strong in their faith. Another great thing to see is how much the church here loves to pray. They are a group of people who truly love each other, and this situation with Misi has surely strengthened that bond.

After church we went back to Jani's place, organized a bit more for the funeral, talked with Tünde, and then Jani and I went out together to the Shiraz hotel in Egerszalók - one of my favorite places to go for long, deep talks. And we had one, and it was hard and sad but wonderful. We laughed and we also talked about serious things, and experiences and memories, and we talked a lot about The Lord and the Word. It was time well spent together.


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