Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The other night at dinner I was telling Rosemary about this article I read on Time talking about the benefits of staying married.

Nate was at the table and asked what "married" meant, so we started talking about it.

We explained marriage to him, and what a wedding is like - and then asked him if he wanted to get married, to which he said "Yes!"

So, we asked him who he wanted to get married to, and started with his friends from church (we want him to marry a believer :)

"Do you want to marry Lídia?"
"No, I don't want to marry Lídia."

"Do you want to marry Korni?"
"No, I don't want to marry Korni."

"What about Adél?"
"No, I don't want to marry kids!"

"Oh, so do you want to marry an older woman?"
"Yes, I want to marry an old woman!"

"Someone from church? Judit? Kati? Réka? Ilona?"
"No, no, no!"

"I want to marry Laura!"

Who is Laura? At Nate's óvoda (preschool), a little girl walks up to me and says - "Engem Laurának hívnak" (My name is Laura).

Nate is one of the youngest kids in his class, but I don't think Laura is too much older than him, but apparently in his mind, she is mature enough for him.

Yesterday Rosemary went to pick Nate up at óvoda and asked which little girl is Laura - she just happened to be walking by at that moment and Nate told Rosemary: "I like Laura!" "Oh, her hair!"

I don't know if Laura knows how Nate feels yet, but I just hope she's a believer :)

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  1. Rosemary11:13 PM

    I always knew that Nate had a thing for hair. He was so interested in my hair when he was very little, and he used to watch the movement of my hair and run his fingers through it.
    Now it seems that my boy is interested in a girl because of her nice hair.