Thursday, May 19, 2011


There are quite a few Dutch people in Hungary, and the other day I was talking with one of my Dutch friends, and asked him what exactly it is about Hungary that attracts people from Holland to move here.

I found his answers very interesting, because what he told me about what Dutch people see in Hungary - although valid - for me, coming from the US, many of these things were just the opposite of my perspective on Hungary!

Here is what he said Dutch people see when they look at Hungary:
  1. A Big Country.
    Hungary is 3 times the size of the Netherlands, so I can see why they would see Hungary as a large country.
    Coming from the States, obviously I saw Hungary as a very small country.
  2. Low Population Density.
    There are less than 10 million people in Hungary - the Netherlands has a population of 16 million in a country one third the size of Hungary.
    For me, however, coming from Colorado - Hungary seemed absolutely packed with people.
  3. Mountains!
    I've never been to Holland, but according to my friend, they don't have any mountains there. Here in Hungary, however, there are mountains!
    Obviously, for me, coming from Colorado, I would be hesitant to use the term mountains in regard to Hungary - although I must say that I do love the Mátra and the Bükk very much!
  4. It's Not Sinking.
    Ok, I have to agree with this one. Hungary is not sinking - and that is good!
I guess it just goes to show that how you see things depends a lot on your perspective.

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