Monday, May 02, 2011

Miskolc Zoo

We kept Nate home from óvoda today because we were planning to go out to a village (Feldebrő) where a friend of ours is from, and take the kids to see some farm animals - something they absolutely love doing.

But when we called that we were ready to go, our friend said it wasn't a good day for her. So, since we had already kept Nate home from "school", we were determined to take the kids to see some animals.

We had heard about a small zoo in Gyöngyös, and thought we might go there, since it's not too much further than Feldebrő - but then we realized that Miskolc is just as close as Gyöngyös, and they have a zoo that we'd never been to.

So we went. And it was good.
It wasn't the biggest or best zoo I've ever been to, but for little kids it was perfect, and it is in a great location in the forest.

Here are some pictures from the zoo:

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