Sunday, November 23, 2008

Csepel Művek

Back in September, when Rosemary and I went to Bulgaria, our flight was delayed from Budapest, and we had 5 hrs to burn. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5:30am, so there weren't a whole lot of options for what we could do at that time.
So, we called up a friend to see what he was up to - but he wasn't as happy to hear from us at 5:30 as we had hoped he would be. Then we went to Tesco and let Nathaniel ride around in the shopping cart, which he always enjoys.
And then we did something that I'd wanted to do for a really long time - we went to Csepel, to take a few pictures of urban decay.

Csepel is big island on the Danube river - the northernmost part of which belongs to the city of Budapest, and that part has one of the biggest industrial areas in the city.
The "Csepel Művek" industrial area was originally made up of steel works owned by the Weiss family. This factory was taken by the state, and during Communism this became one of the main industrial centers of Hungary. The government actually called Csepel Művek "the heart of Communism in Hungary."
After the decentralization of the economy, many of the factories were abandoned, but a good part of Csepel Művek is still in use.

Here are the photos:



    I will plant the Kelveri Csepel Church.

    Or I shoot your dog.


  2. Kelveri Csepel! LOL!

    Maybe the Lord does have a place for you there;
    the only village in Hungary with an ethnic Serb majority is on Csepel island - Lovra/Lórév

    But about future places of ministry - we'll just have to see who gets there first...

    Future Nick von Čepelj