Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kids These Days...

Each generation is growing up with more electronics and more advanced technology, and it seems they often catch on to new technology faster too.
For example: whenever there is something wrong with my computer, a High School aged kid from our church comes and fixes it for me.

But it seems that my son, at 14 months, has already surpassed me technologically.

Nathaniel got a hold of Rosemary's phone today, took 2 pictures with it, and then MMS-ed the pictures to my phone!

I'm amazed. I don't even know how to send MMS-s. I tried to do it once, and it didn't work...


  1. High School Aged kid11:11 AM

    That's great, Nick! I haven't seen that before. Most people in my school don't know how to send MMS-es, but Nathaniel does, and even to the right person!

  2. High School Aged kid - somehow I knew you would be online, even though you are in class right now!
    Thanks for fixing my router last night :)

  3. High School Aged kid11:21 AM

    You're welcome! :)