Friday, November 07, 2008

Entertainment News

If there is one thing I really dislike, its "entertainment news." I could care less what Paris Hilton wore to some awards ceremony or what Justin Timberlake does in his free time (although we were pretty sad when Brad and Jennifer split up - we were rooting for them to make it long-term as a Hollywood couple).

However, there were 2 stories that caught my eye recently.
  1. "Heroes" has begun to stink
    We started watching Heroes when it first came out, and really liked the first season. It was the kind of show that was able to hold us over as we waited for our one and only true show viewing experience - LOST.

    We watched the 2nd season of Heroes too, and that was pretty good, but recently we started watching the first few episodes of season 3, and just stopped watching altogether. The plot line jumps back and forth, it has a very dark feeling to it, and more than anything else - its just flat out boring, and we can't get into it.

    Apparently we aren't the only ones who feel this way.
    According to this article, Heroes, which in its first season surpassed Lost in the ratings, has lost over 2 million viewers this season! As a result, 2 of the co-producers, who were also writers on the show, have been fired.
    Bummer for those guys, but hopefully this change will result in the show being more interesting - which would be nice.
    Until then, we're just going to hold our breath and wait for Lost to start up again in January.

    Has anyone out there watched Heroes this season? What do you think?

  2. Guns n' Roses is releasing a new album
    Rosemary and I have a common love for 80's rock n' roll.
    When we were dating, we used to go to this café in Debrecen that played 80's rock music, and we would sit there for hours drinking coffee and singing along to whatever we knew the words to. And of course, one of our favorites is Guns n' Roses "Appetite for Destruction" - one of the all-time best rock albums ever made.

    Guns n' Roses just announced that after 15 years in the making, their new album, "Chinese Democracy" is finished, and set to be released on Nov 23.
    According to this article, Axel Rose started writing this album in 1993 - when metal was still cool - and now, 15 yrs and $11.5 million later, we finally get to see this "masterpiece" which Axel has been "perfecting" for the last decade, recording and re-recording over and over.

    I watched a documentary once about Brian Wilson (the Beach Boys), in which they talked about how in the early years of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson was considered a progressive musical genius. And because of his initial success, there became a mounting pressure for him to produce something awesome with each new album - which led in the end to Brian trying to outdo himself by creating a grand masterpiece, which he never finished, because he had a mental breakdown from the pressure of it.
    It seems to me that this is the case with "Chinese Democracy" - its Axel Rose's grand masterpiece, which he was never able to perfect the way he envisioned.

    Here's the first single from the album - the title track.
    What do you think? Is this what you would expect from 15 yrs and $11.5 mill?


  1. Heroes has been ok, but yeah, definitely down from previous seasons. I am not sure I like the whole "villans become heroes and heroes become villans" thing. Mohinder isn't very scary, Peter is too lame to be a bad guy, and Syler looks like a dork as a good guy. Also, the soap opera plot is kinda getting old.
    Syler: "I'm going to eat your brain"
    Angela: "But I'm your mom."
    Syler: "Mommy!!!!!!"
    Angela: "Now be a good boy for mommy."

    Mr. Petrelli: "I'm back from the dead and I am your daddy"
    Syler: "Daddy!"
    Mr Petrelli: "Your mom tried to kill you"
    Syler: "She sucks. Be my friend!"

  2. Yea, silly soap opera style plot twists like that make a person want to first: barf, and then second: turn of the TV.
    And you're right - Mohinder is too nerdy to ever scare anyone.

  3. He might scare you if you have a phobia for nerds...

  4. heroes became so blaaah ...

    ... here is a good article about the mistakes and how to fix them:,,20235213,00.html

    one of the things they mention is that the show got this way because some of the heroes became very popular and they decided for syler not to eat their brains.

  5. I kinda wish they would have let Syler eat the blonde woman's brains (Niki, or whatever her name is this week). I wouldn't miss her at all.

    Yea, I think its a hallmark of a really great show, when they are willing to kill off the characters who you'd think they would never dare to kill off.
    That's why I love Lost.

  6. Anonymous7:03 AM

    i only watched the first season of Heroes, so i cannot comment on it yet! i do really like Lost, but i like House M.D. even more because i can relate to House. He says things as i would, if i were a doctor.
    As for Guns and Roses, they sucked from the beginning. i hate his voice and his stupid drug induced dancing, if you want to call it dancing!

  7. Anonymous - you're sentiment is very similar to that of a friend of mine, but he doesn't comment on this blog.
    I like House too, but sometimes the cynicism gets to me - I can only handle so much of it before I've had enough.
    I actually really like Axel's duck dance, or whatever they call that. Its really hard to do - I've tried many times to grab a mic stand and do it, but I just can't! Rosemary can though :)

  8. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Wow! There is another like me! Your friend sounds really cool!

  9. Yea, my friend is a pretty good guy, but we haven't talked in a while. I don't know what his problem is :)