Friday, May 15, 2009


The biggest industry in Eger is automotive, which is obviously struggling and lots of people have lost their jobs here, including many people in our church.

GM has announced that they are going to end their Pontiac brand.
Personally, I don't mind. I know that Pontiac is an iconic American car, but they really haven't made anything great in quite a few years. Most of their cars just look like other GM cars with different body trim on them, but you pay more for them than for a Chevy.

Even though GM is having a hard time these days, Fiat seems to be doing great.

GM Europe entered talks recently over the possibility of selling the Opel and Vauxhall brands to Fiat. Fiat has also been trying to buy up Chrysler - which is almost bankrupt.

As of last year, the Zastava auto factory in Kragujevac, Serbia no longer produces Yugos, but they have started producing cars for Fiat. Serbia is providing a trade-in deal for anyone who can push, pull, or drag in their old Yugo. This way they can produce and sell more cars and get the old, unfit cars off the roads.
The cars being produced in Serbia are the same as the Fiat Punto, but carry the name Zastava Z10.
Apparently its going pretty well for them, because the factory has more orders than they can keep up with. Zastava seems to be one of the only auto factories around with that problem!
The other day, as I was walking around in town, I noticed a car dealership that is selling the new Zastava/Fiat cars here in Eger:

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