Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coming to America

I (Nick) will be leaving on Friday for 10 days to the States. I will be attending two weddings, one in Denver and one in Sacramento.
The one in Denver is for my friend Jordan and the one in Sacramento is for my cousin Jessica.

Here's the schedule:
  • Denver: May 22-28
  • Sacramento: May 28-31
I won't have a lot of free time, but I would love meet with as many friends, family, and church family as possible, so if you'd like to meet, please send me an email.

Please pray for Rosemary, Nate, and Balázs, as they will stay in Hungary while I'm in the US. This is the longest Rosemary and I will have been apart since we got married, and the farthest we've been away from each other. Please pray that she will have strength to deal with the kids!


  1. High School Aged Kid2:26 PM

    Ezzel a repülővel repülsz Amerikába? :)

  2. De hogy is - én úgy jöttem mint az a német ember aki próbált viccet mondani: I just flew in from Berlin, and boy are my arms tired!