Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Nate is already a man

  1. He opens the fridge and just stands there looking.
  2. Nate reads on the toilet. (While getting a diaper change, he holds up a book and "reads".)
  3. He likes to roughhouse. (Laughing the whole time-he likes to be chased around, then tackled; he throws pillows, and wrestles too.)
  4. While playing with a "team", he takes the ball and hogs it.
  5. He never cleans up after himself!
  6. Nate will eat anything on a dare. (Mom says NO! NO! NO! Nate! Don't do it! and he will swallow gravel, beads, paper without a blink.)
  7. He wants to control the tv with the remote control. He understands how to use it already.
  8. He laughs in great delight while the stroller while someone pushes him in a full run.
  9. Nate is interested in breasts (for baby reasons).


  1. One more: He grunts when he wants more food :)


  2. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Place a book rack in the bathroom when Nate starts potty training.