Monday, May 11, 2009

Socialist Realism

There is something I like about Socialist Realism. Maybe its because it is something different and something of the past, but for whatever reason, I like it.
Here are some posters in this style from communist Hungary:
Van valami amit szeretem a szoc-reál stilusában. Lehet, azért mert más és egy múltbéli, de akár miért is, szeretem.
Itt van egy pár szoc-reál poszter Magyarországból:

And here is one more poster, from the Soviet Union, which says in Russian: "Religion is Poison":
És itt van még egy poszer, a Szovjet Unióból, amely azt mondja orosz nyelven, hogy: "A Vallás Méreg":
This poster shows the ideology that went along with socialist realism, which was not so cool and which has surely had lasting effects on this part of Europe.
Ez a poszter mutatja azt az ideológiát ami a szoc-reál mögött állt, ami kevésbé szuper, és ami biztosan maradandó hatással volt Európának ennek a részére.


  1. I love propaganda. Let's demonize those who don't agree with us. Note that the church is all crooked and there is a scary big guy leaning out the main door. Also, the scary old lady is pulling the girl's hair to get her away from the perfectly angular socialist society. The well is poisoned now for sure. :P

  2. For real.
    What I am curious about is how much of a lasting effect this propaganda has had on former-Communist Europe.

  3. Anonymous1:40 PM

    well its true, religion is poison...

  4. I agree - religion is poison. The only way to be set free is to be born again by coming into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.