Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Birthday Images

September 1, 2007 Eger Hospital

September 1, 2008 - Nessebar, Bulgaria

September 1, 2009 - Nyíregyháza Zoo

Nate had a great time at the zoo today. He loves animals so much, and knows their names - most in both languages - and what sounds they make, but most of his favorites he had never seen in person. He recognized all of his favorite animals when he saw them, but there were a few surprises:
  • He really likes elephants, so we were excited to show him a live one. When he saw it, he knew exactly what it was and raised his arm up like an elephant trunk...and then about 2 seconds later he saw some chickens and decided to run after them instead, and didn't care about the elephant any more :)
  • There were certain animals which he had never seen before, which had him a little confused: He couldn't tell if the buffaloes were bears or cows, and if he should moo or growl at them. He saw some hairy monkeys, and first barked at them, then meowed at them, and then said "oo, oo" (the monkey noise). He had no idea what noise to make at the camel :), and he thought the raccoons were cats.
  • Another one we were really looking forward to were the bears. Nate has a bear he takes to bed every night, and always growls at it. When we got to the bears it was feeding time, so the bears were less than a meter from us. Rosemary and I found this very interesting, but in the mean time Nate heard a cow down the way, and from that point on could have cared less about the bears!
  • After seeing lots of monkeys, Nate surprised us by walking on all fours, like a monkey.

When we first arrived he couldn't stop saying "Wow!" to everything. I think his favorite was the polar bear, who even dove in the water right in front of us. He also got to hear a lion roar and pet a giraffe!
All in all, it was the best birthday of Nate's life :)

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