Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Nate!

Today we celebrate Nate's 2nd birthday. Nathaniel Nicholas was born here in Eger, and we chose his name after we saw him because he had a gentle cry and was so sweet. Nathaniel is literally our "gift of God" and we have so much joy because of him.

A few things I love about Nate:
1. He is a rock n roller, banging his head to good music.
2. He doesn't stop moving around for a minute, unless you turn on a Diego video, then he can sit and watch those without moving for an hour.
3. He is very healthy and poops 3-4 times a day.
4. Sometimes he just sits down and reads his baby Bible.
5. His favorite word is apparently "mama" which he says all day long, and doesn't just say it, but SINGS it.
6. He talks to animals in their languages. I.E. When he sees a dog, he barks at it, for a horse he neighs at it and meows at all the cats we see.
7. Nate concentrates very hard to build something or use his tools. No one should disturb him.
8. He eats anything and says "yay" when it is time to eat.
9. He's very polite and yells "bye" when we leave the store.
10. We can easily know what Nate wants because he takes us by the hand or finger and leads us to what he wants, then grunts.

Happy Birthday! We love you Nate!


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