Friday, September 18, 2009

New Trabant Unveiled

A while back I wrote a post about how a new Trabant - the Neue Trabant or nT - has been in the works.
On Wednesday the New Trabant was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Here's the video:

The new Trabant has very little in common with its blue-smoke belching, 2-stroke engined, paper mache bodied predecessor, other than its name and body shape. The designers of the Neue Trabant claim it is all about being economical and ecological. It is an electric car, and has solar panels on the roof, which power the air conditioning.

The nT is still only a concept car, so we probably won't be seeing any on the road anytime soon, but even if the Neue Trabant goes into mass production, I think it will never have the same cult following as the original Trabant, because it's just too nice. People love things which are awesomely bad, and this car just seems too good!

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