Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Destroy a Marriage

Recently a pastor in our area from another denomination had a moral failure, and had to give up his position.
The whole thing is very sad, and my heart goes out to his family and the church he formerly pastored. I pray for restoration in the situation, and I also pray that God would protect Rosemary and I and our marriage by His grace, that nothing of this sort would ever happen to us.

In connection with this, I read this post from Perry Noble this week, which is worth checking out: 15 Ways to Destroy Your Marriage


  1. Hey!
    It is sad...
    I'm kinda convinced that the important spiritual gift in these days is teaching the word.But it is my opinion.
    Perry teaches these 15 point on Sunday?

  2. Hey. Yea it is sad, but God will use even this for good.
    I think that teaching and preaching are important gifts, but I think that all the gifts are important, and we need a variety of gifts for the church to function as a complete body, showing every angle of God's love and grace.