Friday, July 24, 2009

Adios Paula

Apparently, Paula Abdul will no longer be a judge on American Idol, as she hasn't been offered a contract to continue with the show.
Article here.

Paula had her ups and downs, did some crazy stuff off-screen, and was obviously on prescription drugs, but I think we're all going to miss hearing her say every week: 'You're a bright and shining star' and 'I love you' to almost every contestant.

We actually liked Paula being on the show - she usually had something nice to say when they other judges didn't - and you always knew that if there was a performance that even Paula couldn't say something nice about, then it must have been really bad!
Here's Paula on AI - an example of why she might not have been invited back...


  1. Ariel9:31 PM

    Thats funny. She totally told people they were "shining stars". I hope the next person will be all there though. But I do like the Brit. At leasts honest

  2. Yea, the new woman they have on there is pretty together, and a bit nerdy :)