Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We have an Australian couple, Andy and Kim, staying in Eger right now for a few weeks to serve with us in our English Camps.
We've really enjoyed having them here - they are great people - and we have learned a lot about Australia:
Australian culture has a lot of British influences, but it also seems to have a lot in common with the western United States. They have cowboys - called 'drovers', they have country music, they have surf culture and wear flip flops and board shorts, they are laid-back, etc...

According to Andy and Kim, Australians make fun of you if they like you. They certainly make fun of me a lot, which must mean one of 3 things:
  1. They do it because they like me
  2. They do it because they don't like me
  3. They don't actually like me, but they want me to think that they do...
I'm not sure yet; I'm still working on this one.
While I'm busy doing that, here's a video:

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  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    i think i heard this from Olivia Newton-John, when i was a little person. She is my favourite Aussie.
    i love their comedies and music, but hate Vegemite.