Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have wanted to go to Ukraine for literally years.
My mom's family moved from North America from Ukraine, and I've been interested in the country, and wanted to visit it for quite some time.
When I first moved to Hungary, my plan was actually to stay in Hungary for a short time, and then move to Ukraine. Obviously, the Lord had different plans, but Ukraine has always had a place in my heart, and has been a place I pray for and read about.

Well, the time finally came for me to go to Ukraine. A few weeks ago during the Foundations Conference in Vajta, I went with one of my pastors to Ukraine - to Zakarpatska Oblast, the part closest to Hungary, which at one time belonged to Hungary.
Both Pete and I have Ukrainian family background, and have both had a heart for the country for a long time. We went there to check things out, pray for God's leading in future ministry opportunities in Ukraine, and hopefully make some contacts.

We had a little difficulty at the border - I had a document to take the car across the border since it is in Rosemary's name, but it wasn't notarized, which isn't necessary in Hungary, but is in Ukraine. So, after spending 2 hrs at the border, we walked across and took a taxi to Mukachevo (Munkács in Hungarian). There we took some pictures, prayed, and ate some bad Ukrainian food.
After the food, we went to the local Hungarian Reformed church, hoping to be able to talk to someone there and ask about the spiritual life of the city, and the church situation there. The Lord really blessed this meeting; the reformed pastor there is young, and we actually have a lot of common acquaintances in Hungary, including a few people in Eger. He took us around in his car, showed us the various churches, told us a lot about the Spiritual situation in the area, and even drove us back to the border! It was a big blessing.
Funny thing was, that as we crossed the border again, the Ukrainian guard - an ethnic Hungarian - who knew we had been turned back when we tried to enter with our car asked how we had gotten around, and when I told her that we had gotten a ride from the Reformed pastor she got very excited, because she was also Reformed. When I then told her that I was a pastor too, she came out of her booth and gave me kisses on the cheek and asked why I hadn't told her that before!

We are still praying about the next step, and what God would have us do, but it was a good trip. Here are the pictures:


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Hi Nick,

    Great pictures of Ukraine. I am pleased that one of us was able to make the trip. Beautiful, and so filled with history; I would love to visit sometime in the spring or fall.

  2. Let's do it! I'm always up to go to Ukraine!

  3. Ariel9:33 PM

    Glad you got to go. Hope that next time, you can get some good food

  4. Thanks! I hope all Ukrainian food isn't that bad!