Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daddy's Little Helper

We have been making preparations for our baby girl, who is due to arrive in just 10 days from now!
Rosemary has been nesting at full speed, and it seems that now everything is ready, we just need the baby to show up - which would actually be very nice if it happened sooner than later, as Rosemary is very uncomfortable and is so itchy she can't sleep at night :(

Nate is fully aware that there is a little girl in mommy's tummy.
Last night I made the final major arrangement - adjusting Nate's old crib for the baby - and Nate helped me, and kept saying "Girl, Baby Girl!".

Nate loves to work with tools and help me work on stuff, although his help usually makes things a lot harder. He often takes the parts I am using into the other room, and organizes them in HIS way, which there is obviously some logic to, but is not very productive for what I am trying to do! He is good at putting the screws in their place for me to screw them in, but sometimes he doesn't want use the screw which I want him to; he wants to use a different one there. These incidents usually end in him getting mad and throwing a screw.
Even though he doesn't make the job easier, I really like working with him. There is a Christian parallel in there somewhere... :)

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  1. What a pleasure to have your son by your side, interested in helping you. You are a very good father Nicholas. Mom