Tuesday, January 19, 2010


  • Baby 2.0 may be late... Rosemary is due tomorrow. We were hoping the baby would be early, as Rosemary's been having a rough time these last 4-5 weeks, but our little girl isn't in a hurry. Hopefully she will come out soon.
  • My school books for next semester arrived today from England. Here's the one I'm really excited about reading: Plus, I am glad to have it on my bookshelf, as it is big and looks good :)
  • I was sitting at the table with Nate while he was eating dinner, and he is pointing out things he sees: "Ball, circle, colors, bird, octagon..." Huh?
    I was impressed. I was like 15 when I learned what an octagon is - he's only 2!
    Harvard, get ready. Nate Dogg is on his way.


  1. Van egy ilyen sesame street-rész, amiben mondják, lehet, hogy onnan szedte...


    Vagy az is lehet, hogy titokban matekkönyveket olvas... figyelj oda jobban rá! :D

  2. Praying for that little girl to come!!!!!!!!

    I am sure Josh would be envious of your book vs. the 500.00 book sitting on HIS school shelf for Anatomy and Physiology.